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Quality Assurance for Guaranteed Results


TrinityWired experts pay careful attention to quality assurance. Every project that they undertake is backed by thorough quality assurance testing to make sure the results are error-free.

Our QA experts are highly skilled with the use of all kinds of software testing applications and use them to present models that will minimize the risks and maximize the benefits.

Our experts perform quality assurance on multiple platforms; choose us to minimize risks and optimize your performance.

Strategy and Setup


The first stage is the planning. Our QA specialists carefully analyze your business model to devise a strategy for testing it. The testing will also be planned out before any execution takes place. The planning stage allows experts to detect any disparities and prevent errors in the execution phase.

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Record keeping

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At TrinityWired, we document every strategy in detail so that it’s easily accessible and understandable to all group members.

If there are any modifications to the client’s requirements or the records, they will instantly be available to all team members.

The test cases are written down in documentation tools such as Zephyr. These records allow our QA specialists to be aware of the steps that are to be taken to test the system for quality assurance.

ongoing integration

Manual debugging

We manually test the product at every stage ofits development to ensure that every error is detected and corrected there andthen.

Our QA specialists will test all aspects of the product to make positivethat the final product is free from errors. 

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Automated testing

We also offer automated testing solutions for your mobile and web applications. These automated solutions offer accurate and fast results after an in-depth analysis of your product. 

Our specialists generate test cases very similar to actual user responses to give to this testing software which will generate results based on these test cases.

Every phase is carefully monitored

Manual App Testing

Mobile apps are everywhere; unless your product has a flawless mobile app that offers a seamless experience to the end-users, it is not making even half the impact it’s capable of.

Our team of QA experts can help you take your product up on mobile devices; one that’s free of glitches that put off the users.

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Automated App testing

functional testing

We also offer automated solutions for thespeedy testing of your mobile app.

The automated software tests your productsacross different platforms and devices to check for any compatibility issues.Other than that, we can create and run specific tests to check for integration,function, and user interface. 

Every phase is carefully monitored

Optimizing Performance

Our experts will carefully test your application’s performance under different conditions of load and stress.

The testing algorithms that our QA experts implement on your website or application will test and ensure that it performs as well at higher loads as it does when only a smaller number of users are on it.

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API Testing

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We apply automated systems to test the APIs you use for your applications. Automation allows the results for API testing to be created flawlessly and without delays.

Here are just eight of many reasons why people choose us

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encrypted data security

Our advanced information protocals comply with various international security standards

10+ years of experience

With 10+ years of success and experience in the software development industry, TrinityWired is a well known name in the industry

98.9% client retention rate

We not only have a client retention rate of 98.7% which is highest in the industry, we also have 97.9% clients' repetition rate.

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1100+ Clients served

Our developers served more than 1100 clients in more than 20 countries and still counting.

strategic locations around the globe

Thanks to our gloabal locations we can serve you in any time zone. Your project will be worked on 24/7 and your support never sleeps.

1500+ projects completed

Our developers completed more than 1500 projects with 100% project completion rate. We worked with 35+ industries.

98.7% client repetition rate

We have a 97.9% clients' repetition rate. In other words. 97.9% of our clients keep choosing Trinitar for their business needs.

24/7 support

We are open 24/7 so is our support team. No matter what time you or your customers call us, we will pick up the call within 3 rings.

We Solve Real Problems

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