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In the current age, what businesses need most is a digital system that connects beautifully with development processes for a continuous, and automated release of applications.

TrinityWired, the top-notch DevOps service provider, makes it possible to deliver large applications continuously, and smoothly. Through a harmonious collaboration between development and operation processes, we can build an organized business environment for the client with a flawless operational workflow.

Strategy and Setup

Careful Planning and setup

Building Efficient and Well Planned DevOps Operation

Every DevOps operation needs to be treated as a separate initiative other than the regular IT delivery scope until it’s established.

Our strategic thinking, significant focus, and commitment make this successful. 

We stick to the following steps when it comes to DevOps:

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10+ Years of hands-on experience with all the popular software

Continuous Planning & Ongoing Development


Our development specialists visualize and plan steps to implement specific target activities.

This includes assessing current processes and planning a strategy on the go. Our team uses current software tools and frameworks such as Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Selenium, and much more.

ongoing integration

Continuous integration

Continuous integration, or CI, is an integral part of our DevOps services model.

This allows the developers to have the latest workable code at the ready for them at all other words, ongoing integration helps the availability of updated code structures. This allows developers to work on the same source code at the same time and permits implementation on the go.

With the use of CI, different workgroups can follow the same code, knowing that it’s correct instead of integrating individual blocks of code upon the completion of all of them. Eliminating the wait time to integrate the codes at the end of the project protects the clients from delays that could risk their profits.

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Continuous Delivery

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Continuous delivery (CD) is the name given to processes through which it is ensured that any changes made in the code made by any of the team members should automatically be available to the production unit.

We use AWS CodePipeline for this purpose. The code is built on the same platform, run to test its validity, and automatically made available to the production unit.

Every phase is carefully monitored

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring refers to the process and technology required to incorporate monitoring across each phase of DevOps and IT operations lifecycles.

It helps to continuously ensure the health, performance, and reliability of application and infrastructure as it moves from development to production. We utilize tools that are well-equipped to handle DevOps’ rapidly changing environment.

DevOps specialists at TrinityWired closely monitor the development unit as well as the production unit. We are well-versed with the modern Application Monitoring Tools (APM) and use them for infrastructure monitoring, Web, and more.

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Reasons for choosing devOps

Guaranteed Faster Deliveries

Faster deliveries are guaranteed by streamlining the business processes with close collaboration between pre-production and production units.

Flawless output

Automated checking allows developers to find and correct any errors in time so that the end-users enjoy flawless results.

Enhanced productivity

Automation throughout the work setting allows a chance for improved productivity. New models can be applied, tested, and released much quicker with DevOps than is possible with the traditional techniques.

Stable work environment

DevOps brings stability to the developmental and production phases of a model and also allows for smooth and fast changes in case of any errors.

What makes TrinityWired the best DevOps service provider?

Years of excellence

We have been serving countless businesses for decades, automating their workflow for different projects.

Skilled engineers

Our DevOps experts are well-educated and well-trained in the different aspects of DevOps services. They maintain standards of the highest quality and ensure perfection in all stages of the development and production of the project’s lifecycle.

Choice of influential businesses

A long list of influential businesses and large enterprises trust us for our DevOps and other services. They reach out to us for all the different varieties of projects to streamline the workflow and optimize deliveries.

Here are just eight of many reasons why people choose us

why trinityWired?

encrypted data security

Our advanced information protocals comply with various international security standards

10+ years of experience

With 10+ years of success and experience in the software development industry, TrinityWired is a well known name in the industry

98.9% client retention rate

We not only have a client retention rate of 98.7% which is highest in the industry, we also have 97.9% clients' repetition rate.

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1100+ Clients served

Our developers served more than 1100 clients in more than 20 countries and still counting.

strategic locations around the globe

Thanks to our gloabal locations we can serve you in any time zone. Your project will be worked on 24/7 and your support never sleeps.

1500+ projects completed

Our developers completed more than 1500 projects with 100% project completion rate. We worked with 35+ industries.

98.7% client repetition rate

We have a 97.9% clients' repetition rate. In other words. 97.9% of our clients keep choosing Trinitar for their business needs.

24/7 support

We are open 24/7 so is our support team. No matter what time you or your customers call us, we will pick up the call within 3 rings.

We Solve Real Problems

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