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Bada.Tv Mobile App

Bada app connects people who wants to talk about world issues

Client's requirements

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Chellanging app using Reactive Native

Client has a heavy traffic website which was written using PHP, MySQL with view.js layer. The client has a tight deadline and they want the mobile app up and running in a very short time. 

They want the app using Reactive Native based on their current view.js layer. This app development requires massive experience both in mobile app development and Reactive Native. 

They wanted this app to be developed up and running in just four weeks time.

Since we intented this app to reach massive audienced, we developed in such a way that it performs well with millons of active users.

Cross-Platform App

Award winning User-friendly app

Client's Testimony

"We couldn't have done it without TrinityWired"

We had a tight dealine for this complex application. At the same time, we didn’t want to compromise on the quality. We were looking at several app development companies. However, TrinityWired is the only company who asked the right questions from the beginning. 

The app became a great success with 2 million active users. We have received tons of postiive reviews from our end users about how friendly and amazing this app is. Thanks TrinityWired.  – Bada.Tv management Team

closing remarks

Bada.tv app connects people

Bada.Tv connects people as a community who can actively comment and make conversations about world issues. 

The users can upload their videos, share emotions about a topic with others in addition to sharing their knowledge about a topic with others.


This app was designed with state-of-the-art techonology.


This has been designed to reach massive audiences

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